About & Philosophy

Ume Mama Dog Training was founded by Sarah McMenimen and named after her dog, Ume.

Sarah trains adult dogs and young pups using positive reinforcement and other forms of humane behavior modification. By employing methods of animal learning theory that speak to your dog’s mind, she aims to help you communicate directly with your dog’s conscious thought process.

Sarah uses positive communication and calm leadership to address: lease pulling, jumping on people, housebreaking, excessive barking, aggression and reactivity, separation issues, biting/chewing, puppy 101 (ie. sit, down, stay, come).

As a graduate of the Animal Behavior College and Certified Dog Trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, she is passionately dedicated to staying informed of new ideas and research in the training field to ensure her clients are getting the best possible tools to see results. Her approach takes into account each dog's situation, including background, temperament and household environment, to guide clients towards a growing and fulfilling human/canine relationship. She believes that learning and observing how our canines communicate make us compassionate and mindful humans.