About & Philosophy

Ume Mama Dog Training was founded by Sarah McMenimen and named after her dog, Ume. Ume was named by her father, who suggested that Ume is a good name because it spells "you and me." This seems fitting for living and learning with our dogs. The mama is added to helps us think about making kin with our animals, as opposed to a traditional mindset of obedience and punishment.

Sarah is skilled in using science-based positive reinforcement training and behavior modification techniques that make teaching your dog fast, effective, and fun. By employing methods of animal learning theory that speak to your dog’s mind, she aims to help you communicate directly with your dog’s conscious thought process.

When we look beyond conventional idea of obedience and instead focus on teaching our dogs the skills they need to live successfully in our world, give them opportunities to engage in natural behaviors, and provide them with the ability to make choices, we help create happy and well-adjusted companions.

As a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, she is passionately dedicated to staying informed of new ideas and research in the training field to ensure her clients are getting the best possible tools to see results. UmeMama believes teaching dogs should be informed by science, rooted in compassion, and centered on choice. In this spirit, Sarah aims to create a learning environment that is safe, empowering, and accessible for every dog. Her approach takes into account each dog's situation, including background, temperament and household environment, to guide clients towards a growing and fulfilling human/canine relationship. She believes that learning and observing how our canines communicate make us compassionate and mindful humans.