Sarah has been invaluable in helping my family foster and adopt Luna, our second adult rescue who was picked up by animal control after a long feral stint. Luna is slow to trust new people, exhibits aggressive behavior, and has been picking fights with out first dog, Caraway. With a mix of phone, text, and Skype consultations as well as regular e-mail communications and check ins, Sarah has helped us work with Luna to make her feel more safe and adjusted in her new home. She now can be seen occasionally cuddling with our other dog, obeying clicker commands, and has taken to being trained to love her carrier bag as her "home base." Sarah's advice and training has made a world of difference.

— Erin Jane Nelson

Sarah has been a huge help with Clyde, who LOVES her madly. She is calm and gentle and trains with tons of positive encouragement and remarkable patience. She has a vast knowledge of the science of dog behavior, which she applies in her training in an easy to understand way. She is also very kind and a pleasure to work with. We love Sarah!

— Jibz Cameron